“CCRES is a member-based non-profit organization with membership open to research institutions, public and private sector organizations, students, and individuals.” 

says Zeljko Serdar, President & CEO of CCRES

Who are we?

CCRES is a biotech NGO founded in 1988 and incorporated in the Republic of Croatia. Our Main research center is located in Zagreb, Croatia. CCRES Algae is producing various types of enhanced algae, harboring high value products for the global aquaculture markets.
What do we do?

CCRES Algae’s Project have been designed to alleviate some of the bottlenecks of the aquaculture industry. Our current products include a range of algal products for the different growth stages of many aquaculture species.  Our pipeline products include a range of algal based, orally-delivered high value traits for ornamental and edible markets of fish and crustaceans. CCRES Algae’s Project have been scientifically designed as an oral application, replacing the need for costly techniques, specifically injections.
While biodiesel is the fuel end product that is pursued most, algae can be processed to yield other energy products such as ethanol, diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, hydrogen and other hydrocarbons. We have started exploring production of these products as well.
The various uses of algae will be examined such as its role in the nutraceutical, food, cosmetic and animal feed industries and as a replacement for petroleum as a transportation fuel.
Our Technology

CCRES Algae‘s technology has been efficient and safe.

Our Potential

CCRES Algae’s potential is not restricted to the vast aquaculture market. Developing products for the entire animal husbandry industry (poultry, cattle, swine, etc.,) is just around the corner.
The Algae Production CCRES Courses will begin with an overview of photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, the taxonomy of algae and the basics of cell biology.  Safety in the lab and the process of experimental methodology are also included in the curriculum. CCRES students will learn about algae growth factors such as temperature, light, CO2 and nutrients.  The different kinds of photobioreactor designs will be explored, including closed vs. open systems.  CCRES students will learn about the importance of cultivation protocols, and when to feed, harvest and how to process the algae.  Analytics will be covered as well which includes the use of the microscope and learning about the basic algae handling and testing procedures such as dilution, cell counting and dry weight measurment.
project of
Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)

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