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Murray Hallams Practical Aquaponics

Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics.

Since coming across the Aquaponics Concept by a chance conversation, I have been totally hooked on Aquaponics.

I have always been very interested in
growing my own vegetables and a keen fisherman, so the idea of
Aquaponics (being able to grow your own fish and vegetables together)
really struck a chord with me.

On searching the net and other sources I
discovered that there was very little product available that truly
suited the needs of a Backyard or Commercial Aquaponic project. I was
not able to purchase decent Grow Beds and Fish Tanks or pump equipment
that was suitable for the task.

With my experience as a boat builder, and
skills in Fiber Glass I decided early to manufacture the right Grow
Beds and Fish Tanks for my own use and other Aquaponist’s in Australia.

Some time after that initial conversation
I contacted Joel Malcolm in Perth, purchased his book “Backyard
Aquaponics”, which proved to be very useful.

At that time there was very little information about Aquaponics available on the Internet or in book form.
I started right away to get some Australian native fish and get on with
learning all I could about Aquaponics by practical application.

My approach to Aquaponics is a very
practical one, I actually have several Aquaponics systems operating at
all times producing vegetables and fresh fish for our table. During this
time I have discovered what works best and what doesn’t.

We have manufactured and sent hundreds of
our premium Aquaponics Kits to all corners of Australia and exported
Aquaponics kits to the USA, Bahamas, Hong Kong, China.

My Aquaponics DVD’s have been sold all over the world.

Our Company Name is –

Team Economics Pty Ltd abn 53087289745
21 – 31 Hives Road
North Maclean
Qld 4280
Phone 07 3200 0272
Fax 07 3297 5154

Trading as
Practical Aquaponics
Australian Aquaponics
Future Farms.


The full length, 90 minute DVD can be obtained from
Practical Aquaponics for Everyone.
Privacy Policy.
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